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Updating satellite navigation maps for your car at satnavishop.eu

Since the invention of satellite navigation, all the troubles associated with finding the right route are a thing of the past. Modern navigation systems allow you to build an accurate route to your destination, show the traffic on the way and the expected time of arrival.
But in modern conditions, we have constantly developing road networks and therefore maps quickly become outdated. And if your car has factory satellite navigation, then the question arises of updating navigation maps.
Upgrade options are sometimes quite limited, often requiring a trip to the dealership and exchanging quite a large amount of money to upgrade the card. At the same time, maps quickly become obsolete.
We offer affordable prices for updating navigation maps that you can download yourself and install in your car using an SD card or DVD.
If you don’t have factory sat-nav installed in your vehicle, there are a number of different options, most of which outperform the factory-installed options, providing features such as speed cameras and red light camera alerts, school zones, and other areas with reduced speed limits. These options are usually supplied as a separate sat nav unit.
If you are unsure if a sat nav update is available for your vehicle, the best place to start is by checking our website to find the right map. Our experts will answer your questions and help you choose the right update. We are waiting for you in our store of satellite navigation maps satnavishop.eu

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