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Instead of relying on help from gas station salesmen, most people use GPS satellite navigation systems in their cars to help them navigate in the right direction when choosing a route.
The GPS system contains satellites in space as well as necessary elements on earth. The device you have installed in your vehicle or the mobile device you carry with you is a receiver that receives satellite signals. These signals help pinpoint your position almost anywhere on the planet.

How accurate is GPS?
The accuracy of the system is about four meters. Many devices are even more accurate. Modern GPS is also reliable in many public places, including parking lots, buildings, etc.

Choosing a portable system
Although many cars today have built-in GPS, this is not the case for all cars. You may need a portable system that you can take with you. Many people simply use their smartphones as GPS. Those who buy a real GPS system should make sure they stick with some of the bigger brands on the market, including Garmin, TomTom, and Magellan.

When choosing a GPS system, it is important to consider all its capabilities. How often is the device updated? Does it work with bluetooth. You also need to consider whether the GPS can “speak” and offer voice directions, as this is much more convenient than screen directions.

As mentioned, many cars today have built-in GPS. Other drivers may install it later. If there is a problem with the GPS, you may need to talk to a specialist about fixing it. Sometimes, however, it’s just an electrical or software problem. It is important to ensure that the system is constantly updated and in good working order. An important element of this update are the maps themselves, which are contained on SD cards and disks. In order for you to have constantly new navigation maps available, please contact our store of satellite navigation maps

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