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How to update GPS maps

All new global positioning systems (GPS) come with maps installed. As a rule, these maps are minimal and do not contain a lot of points of interest or up-to-date route information. Manufacturers offer updates for these cards on the websites of many stores. The main problem with updating GPS maps is determining which system your car’s navigator is using, as well as choosing which update is right for you.
To determine what type of global positioning system your vehicle is using, you need to find out the manufacturer of the navigation system and the operating system installed on the GPS device. When you contact our store, we will provide you with this information from a photo of an old drive or a photo of the installed software version. After correctly identifying the right map, you can decide whether you need a map on media or just a link to download the map. All the necessary instructions for installing maps when choosing the download option from the link will be provided by our team. We work 24/7 for you and your convenience. We are waiting for you in our store Satnavishop

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