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GPS update: how often should navigation maps be updated?

Importance of updating

Nowadays, GPS navigation systems no longer just provide you with some fixed map of the road network. They already include many important elements for a successful trip: speed limits, sights, dangers… This tool quickly loses its value if you don’t have the latest update.

When to update GPS?
You understand how important it is to update navigation maps. But another question arises: how often should new cards be installed?

The number of updates that need to be done per year depends on your personal usage. Of course, if you’re only using your device to go on vacation with your family, a pre-travel update will be more than enough. On the other hand, if you drive every day and have to regularly visit unknown addresses, it would be nice to update the data more often. The annual update will allow you to enjoy fresh maps and get to your destination without unpleasant surprises.

Special cases for updates or new maps
There are other special circumstances that may prompt you to download a new map or update your GPS. For example, you are planning to move abroad or take a trip to another country. If you only had maps of France planned when you purchased your navigation system, you will need to install a new area. Some events may also cause the device to be updated. For example, changing the current speed limits and changing the speed from 90 to 80 km/h on dual carriageways is a good reason to upgrade the system. This ensures that you can drive safely.
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