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Updating car navigation systems

Car navigation systems are systems in a car that are equipped with maps that show directions to the driver.
Electronic navigation systems are commonly referred to as GPS, otherwise known as global positioning satellites. GPS is an electronic device that determines where the driver is and how to get to the final destination. Drivers can also set up GPS on the map. This system is very useful as new roads are constantly being built and navigation maps require constant software updates to keep up to date with the latest information.
Step 1
Allow automatic updates. Some GPS systems have automatic map updates that are released periodically. When they are available, the GPS will prompt the user and the user must allow the system to access the updated material.
Step 2
Buy the latest discs or sd cards with maps. Navigation system updates are issued in the form of a disk or SD card with maps periodically once a year or three years. This gives the latest information available to the driver.
Step 3
Load discs with maps in GPS. The exact download options will vary depending on the model. For information on downloading, see the navigation system’s instruction manual. Most of them require you to insert a disc or SD card and press the OK button when prompted by the system.

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  1. Just purchased an update for my MB C217.

    When will I receive the update?

    Are there instruction on how to do this?

    I am using a MAC, will the update work from a MAC after download?

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